The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurial creativity is the construction of valuable and novel ideas used when opening and running an enterprise. It thus refers to making something new, which is the fundamental to the business process. This creativity expertise is then established in the act of starting and running an enterprise. Creativity is a vital part of an entrepreneurial proficiency required to start a venture effectively. High level of originality is particularly essential to the startups as their owners create, develop and implement new ideas for their launch. What is more, creativity aids an entrepreneur to produce goods and services in a new and more efficient form. Some of the components entrepreneurial creativity consists of include the following.

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Creative Personality

The personality of a businessperson comprises of an exclusive pattern of characteristics that ensures the dissimilarity between businesspeople. Those qualities include performance traits that consist of different approaches, qualities, interests, and skills. The attribute designs define the characteristics of entrepreneurs determined by inventive personality. Positive personality traits of industrialists comprise high levels of energy, openness to uncertainty, and interest in performing intricate and unique tasks. Readiness to be open-minded and insistent in adverse conditions is also a good personality trait. Thus, entrepreneurial creativity is closely connected with the personality models.

Creative Motivation

Motivation is a pertinent tool needed to make the full use of entrepreneurial creativity. An entrepreneur should have an achievement drive that is clearly distinct as both commercial and ingenious. Intrinsic motivation is intertwined with the creative personality, as well as the work process itself, since it has a practical and reasonable connection with inspired work. It entails the capability to solve complications. A motivated entrepreneur has to be resilient and have strong inclination to plan future goals and steadily go towards them, research information and be willing to learn. Motivation brings the need for accomplishment, which, in turn, creates the drive to put forth effort to bring ideas to a conclusion. It increases the chances that an entrepreneur will maintain and tolerate activities (even unpleasant ones) that are goal-oriented over a long period of time. Unrelenting businesspeople will definitely make their way through the failures, impediments and problems that arise from making decisions unwisely. In this context, the entrepreneur’s level of motivation directly influences the income, and the rate of growth of business projects whereby those highly motivated get the upper hand in the business.

Creative Thinking Styles

In most instances, creative thinking has been characterized as a propagative cognitive style comprised of thoughts, intrapersonal intelligence and sense of area significance. Productive imagination results in ingenuity, and high quality characterized by a sense of domain relevance. Emotional intrusions and the use of imagination during the process of creating a novel enterprise have an impact on its appropriate representation. Thinking styles influence creativity. In fact, every person is creative as everyone has their own talents that can be used in a specific domain.


The field of cognitive psychology is connected with intelligence. Various concepts provide prominent positions related to the connection between the level of intelligence quotient and creativity. Creativity aptitude increases the likelihood of finding good career opportunities. Entrepreneurs have superior understanding ability compared to other people. They are often associated with generation of the large number of ideas. Through their creative intelligence, the entrepreneurs understand and manage delicate ways as they comprehend the implicit cognitive processing during the start of new ideas. Intellect enables the industrialists to decide between innovative thoughts and mere fantasies, intuitive inclinations, and emotional responses, artistic ideas and innate misconceptions.

Creative Knowledge

Unlike other means used by the entrepreneurs, knowledge is a tremendously specific domain. There is a belief, however, that one of the problems people face in entrepreneurship is just assuming that the appropriate knowledge will inevitably come from law and business fields. Imaginative knowledge connected with chance identification as certain activities provide preferential exposure to the knowledge necessary for the discovery of prospects. Awareness, proper plan, resources, and organization are all valid factors of venture development. Being inventive is closely related to learning. People who are creative have unique education styles.

Acquaintance enables the entrepreneurs to reflect more on their goals, success in attaining them and any setbacks encountered. Through facts, they can examine their merits and flaws, and manage the strengths towards the extreme entrepreneurship. Knowledge gives them the understanding of the current business situation, preventing them from wasting time on areas they are less gifted, and enables them to take seeming failures as a challenge to greater achievement. Mentoring associated with creativity field aids in providing directions at the entrepreneurship arena.


Entrepreneurial creativity relies greatly on a particular setting. The flexibility of the working environment of a venture is of utmost importance so as to promote individual and group inventiveness. It is more likely to achieve creativity within the smaller firm environment because one of the key factors of addressing corporate prospects is flexibility. It is advisable for an entrepreneur to contest existing practices, implementing changes when needed rather than maintaining the status quo. The business environment is exceedingly probable to positively impact the employees’ attitude thus enhancing ingenuity. Changing business environment results in development and new opportunities. Environments may cause a frequent or rare occurrence of creative actions. Entrepreneurial actions require an environment where creativeness and innovation can flourish. An entrepreneurial environment impacts positively both individual and group creativity. Creative environment can also involve technical, political, regulatory, social and demographic features. As a businessperson, I possess various qualities that will help me achieve success in the entrepreneurial field.


As an entrepreneur, I stand a good chance to be successful in what I do since am committed and I care about it more than about how much money I make. The amount of money earned is often secondary to achieving my objectives.


As a growing entrepreneur, I am a self-starter and I feel confident making decisions. Not waiting for others to make my decisions has made my vision a reality. Motivation, perseverance, ability to complete tasks, willingness to work hard has enabled me to create a vision of the future I desire.

Willingness to Take Risks

Unlike most people venturing into business and trying to avoid perils, I understand that undertaking risks is one of the natural parts of goals attainment.


Finding innovative ways to solve problems is one of my core objectives. Therefore, I always try to look for new and better ways to overcome obstacles and accomplish tasks.

Gaps in Entrepreneurship

Geographic and cultural gaps are often encountered in entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is originally domestic. The possibility of domination by over-achieving, internationally mobile wealthy businessmen is a growing risk. Social entrepreneurship needs to be a platform for an original action. The problem arise when social investors try to find local enterprises that feel and look like a social enterprise.

Another problem is an age and experience gap. Enterprises mostly consist of young people, for whom innovation seems more natural. However, they often lack experience and their passion can lead them to mistakes. Lack of older, experienced people creates the gap. It is the prerogative of the older and experienced people to temper younger entrepreneurs’ plans without sapping their passion.

Some issues may appear as a result of expectation and communication gap. The gap arises due to inability to keep the conversations honest and confusion of the people’s goodness with actual impact.

Funding and risk gap arises on the basis of risk taking. It is all about the ways one may decide to undertake enterprise risk in the post-seed but pre-commercial social enterprises.

Strengths and Qualities

Being a successful entrepreneur with vast knowledge, skills and experience in the business field, I can say that considerable worthy assets, capital and savings bring higher returns. My sole objective is to maximize profits while reducing operation costs. Recognizing different kinds of assets gives me a greater advantage over other entrepreneurs. Social assets, for instance, play a great role in implementing business ideas. Being an entrepreneur, I use assets as a security hence getting credits from banks and other credit lending establishments. In return, I plough back the money into my business thus increasing the output.

Assets have allowed me to pursue more opportunities that have brought immense growth and good returns. With considerable amount of assets, I stand a great chance to minimize the cost of production and enhance a smooth and manageable flow of inputs and outputs. Being an entrepreneur exposes me to some challenges, such as insecurity, which I have tackled through installing security cameras and other security apparatus. Financial constraints is another issue that I encounter but easily manage through credits lend by banks. As the business is expanding, skilled manpower is required, which at times is not available. This is easily solved by offering training to my staff, and, at the same time, sourcing of new skilled manpower hence ensuring an uninterrupted flow of labor.

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