As presented in the movie, it was the idea of Skilling to turn Enron from energy producer to energy trader. It can be said that the idea of Skilling was to make rapid growth and to make Enron more successful and more valuable in less duration of time. Due to this reason only, Skilling wanted that the stock price of company shoul always remain high. The behavior of Skilling cannot only be marked as unprofessional but unethical too. His steps may have brought some short term benefits but his policies was never intended to bring long term benefits to shareholders.

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The management of Enron was so obsessed about the company on its journey that everything appeared too little to management. It was thought that every bad thing can be covered up and every wrongdoing could be done right in later part of time. On the road to short term success the management forgot all the ethical practices and took certain steps that ultimately resulted in the collapse of Enron. In fact ethical values and best practices never tool precedence inside Enron. The roots of entire scandal can be traced to unethical values and unprofessional practices. 

Enron lacked the best practices inside organization and the low level employees were not given due consideration. The employees were not able to freely communicate with people at top management who, apparently, were busy in discussing the benefits that Enron can derive from stock market and other unethical practices. Arrogant is also a word that can be used to describe the culture of Enron top management.

Rank and Yank

As per this strategy the bottom 10% employees are laid off every year. To make sue one is not in this bottom 10%, employees may follow practices that are not ethical and the result of this strategy would ultimately result in the survival of fittest (remaining 90% people).

Executives engaging in extreme sports

There exists a high level of risk and danger in extreme sports, hence it is required that first people (sportsperson) should think of his own benefit. At time of difficulties only the best remains and it is all about survival of fittest.

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