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When e-commerce website has been hacked by someone, it is necessary to identify the nature of the hacking. There are several malicious types of the hacking. An owner of the e-commerce website requires having the back up of the website on the local computer. Important symptoms of the e-commerce website’s hacking are as following.

  • Yahoo and Google search engine give the message that the site may damage your system. Google scans the website and Google “bots” founds a code, which may be malicious. This sign on the page shows that website has been hacked by someone. Google displays the red page of warning.
  • When a user of the e-commerce website reports about the virus or antivirus alerts, it means that website has been hacked. Users of the e-commerce websites are redirected to another website that is another symptom of the e-commerce website’s hacking. User views entirely different page as the page of the website has been defaced.  The message of “hacked by....” is displayed there. The website contains new files, which you have not put there before it. This judgment is not easier for an owner until an IT professional observes these files.
  • Administrator looses the access of the admin page, and hacker gains control of the admin page/Cpanel. Sometime the password of the admin page is altered by the hacker.
  • Antivirus installed on the computer shows the message of warning. In this situation, the website tries to install a harmful virus on the computer.
  • Sometimes, the website does not load the desired page, and it could be the sing of website’s hacking. This situation indicates that a hacker has changed or modified the database of the website. Therefore, the desired page no longer exists there for function.

Concluding the summary of the symptoms of hacking the e-commerce website, the owner of the website must notice these points or symptoms on a priority basis. If any of this issue comes across the owner, he should take the immediate steps to prevent the whole damage of the website and business.

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