Dell Corporation

Technology in Dell Corporation has come to play a very vital role in recent years. It involves more than just computer literacy and it includes the understanding of how the computers work as well as the capability to process information in addition to facilitations of communications and enhancing of the computers capability to solve problems. The dell corporation through the usage of modernized technology has been able to grow significantly over the years but it is dependant on the likely adopted technological skills. From White & Bruton (34), technology enables the computerization of the operating systems that traditionally carried manual tasks thus it is realistic for Dell to adopt technological systems that are able to see it through the development of modernized computers.

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The world has changed a lot as a result of technology a factor that Dell need to take consideration of as it adopts one technology against the other. Information technology has gone through most of human aspects of daily lives and it covers the business needs and the societal conventions as well. The today’s personal computers amongst other technologically based products have become the integral parts of the human cultural backgrounds and they do play a vital role in the daily running of the human activities.

Bouwman, Hoof, Wijngaert & Dijik (99), a proper choice of the technology to adopt results in the globalization benefits realization. Technology has in years brought the world closer and has too made the world to pose as a single mutually supporting system. This perspective proves that it is possible through the embracing of realistic technologies to have information shared as fast as possible in efficient grounds between the partners in a variable.

Technology does as well enhance communication. Information technology has facilitated the communication platform in that its relatedness makes it cheaper and more efficient. It is through technology relevance that the emergence of new requirements such as video conferencing has been facilitated and Dell Corporation should be able to design products that are relevant to the modernized market. This is only possible if it adopts systems that are able to see it through the process.

Good technology does facilitate the bridging of the cultural gaps (Burgelman, Christensen & Wheelright 42). Through reasonable information technologies it has been easy to fit into the cultural gaps and completely seal them. This is because it assists the people to communicate more effectively and exchange information with one another which gives room for the transfer of ideas and views which rises people’s awareness and the cutting down of prejudice.

People expect the Dell product to be able to open up the avenues that they desire so much and have them create jobs. A technology that Dell, adopts should have the best advantage of creating new and interesting jobs. Such are the computer programming openings as well as the systems analyzers in a way that is effective. Such jobs creation is not only possible by the technology that the company adopts but the likely effectiveness of it.

People want an advanced world changed from the obsolete times when we used to get involved in systems that were old and less effective leave alone being irrelevant the matter that one is out to achieve. Advanced technologies are needed because with them life is made much easier and these machines would take over the chores that people are supposed to do and will just be like the facilitators to feed the data into the machines. Advanced and realistic Technologies do not have room for mistakes and they process what is fed into them in an accurate way. The initial programming is maintained by these systems and it enables them to do the tasks in a perfect way. It is thus reasonable to have the technology choice that enables the adoption of practical approaches towards the solving of the matters at hand. People needs a product from Dell that is able to solve the discrepancies that they were out to seek a solution on a factor that makes it critical for the corporation to make a choice of the technology that it adopts during the designing of the product privileges. It is thus more realistic to have the corporation have systems that enable it to cater for the client’s needs and expectations in ways that are practical and satisfying.

Advanced technologies save a great deal of resources as they are efficient as opposed to the olden kinds. A technology that promises more benefits after its adoption to the corporation in relation to the possibilities of growth while meeting the client’s demands is more reasonable (Patterson 77). It should be saving on money and time thus making it realistic to the utilization of the scarce resources in the corporation.

People expect the Dell corporation product to be able to solve the woes in the 21st century and the instances where they do not get to the reasonable ends are not to be tolerated. It is thus realistic for technologies to be absorbed by Dell as it takes into considerations of what people are expecting and are ready to receive from the company.

The solutions that are in this paper are meant to ensure that Dell Corporation is able to reach out to the people by the adoption of a better technology. The solutions as well do focus on information sources that are reasonable and viable in addition to being affordable and that does enhance the Dell corporations ability to meet customers expectations in different dimensions.

For Dell to make a good choice of the technology that they use instead of another they are open with two options. Option A involves a technology that is practical and realistic for the corporation’s benefits as well as the facilitator of realization of the company dreams and the provision of quality service and products to the clients and the general market. Due to it, Dell Corporation would be able to advance the kind of products that they deliver to the market for the purpose of ensuring that they are able to meet the demands of the fast changing world in many aspects and dimensions. From this point of view the technology that is chosen at the expense of the other should be saving on resources in addition to the facilitation of creative ideas on the outlook of the product.

Dell option B in the preference of the technologies would be to advance the existing technologies other than varying it fully. This will see the corporation continue enjoying the same technology benefits it had prior. It does as well incorporate the realization of the same production benefits as traditionally was because it is just the upgrading of the already existing technologies.

Option A technology adoption is viable to the responsibilities that the corporation has to its product consumers and this makes it better placed in addition to the technology facilitation of the affordability of the costs that the venture incurs as it tries to meet the demand requirements. Through the adoption of option B technology, the corporation will fulfill its needs because it will have realistic space to build on its opportunities as it generates good output. Other ventures which have chosen to adopt a technology that is purely new in a business world have benefited from the choice and Dells adoption of a related kind would as well result to better positioning.

Option B technology choice which is the retaining of the old technologies but having to commit resources on their upgrade is not as viable when looked at it against option A. It will offer the same advantages and limited space to build on ideologies that are positive to the realization of the goals and achievement of objectives. It is costly to run it because the advancement is not related to the originality of the output and takes time to augur with the recent upgrade and this makes technology option B costly to operate.

Out of the information analysis of the likely benefits of either adopting any of the technologies I would advice the Dell Corporation to settle for the technologies that are able to real time and ready to facilitate the meeting of clients demand and this is option A technology choice. This is because it is cost effective when compared to the other and it is quick towards the realization of the Dell Corporation’s objectives and targets. The choice opens up room for the development of new product design ideas towards the changes in the 21st century on customer’s preferences and tastes. This option is the best for Dell considering its product market that requires superior technologies on top of the competitors all the time.

The choice of technology option B can be made possible by the management realization of the benefits that they may be loosing out on due to the delayed adoption of the advanced technologies. The implementation of the choice will be easy if the corporation is ready to enjoy the reduced costs of production, reasonable designs of product, as well as better management of its operations. It is advisable for the corporation to implement option B technology choice as quick as possible and start enjoying the related advantages without further delays. A short while after the adoption of this option the entity will be realizing the benefits that accrue to the Dells option of taking the risk.

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