Customer Satisfaction

The customer is the most important aspect in any business. In order to flourish, businesses such as grocery stores, departmental stores and automobile centers should adopt strategies that guarantee customer satisfaction. Effective service delivery by a business enterprise creates the perception that the business values its customers. In this regard, such a business will enhance customer loyalty. Another consideration is the fact that customers play a crucial role in marketing service providers. When a business meets the expectations of a particular customer, the client will advise potential consumers to seek the services of that business. In this regard, the customer will influence the volume of sales for the business through personal marketing (Johnson & Gustafsson, 2000).

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When a customer receives poor services from a particular business, he or she will share her sentiments about the aspects of service delivery by the business with colleagues. Thus, the customer will facilitate the creation of a bad reputation for the business. This has the effect of driving away potential customers and negatively affecting the volume of sales for the business.

The aspect of effective service delivery should include reliable service recovery systems that ensure a timely response to issues raised by customers (Lele & Sheth, 1987). When a failure in service delivery occurs, it is crucial to let the customers know that the business has placed a focus on addressing issues of concern. Effective service recovery systems help to minimize the frequency of service failure in a particular business. In this regard, the business promotes the aspect of dependability for its services among customers.

In order to achieve effective service delivery, a business must promote a customer-oriented organizational culture. Since employees have the most interaction with customers, a business must involve them in the creation of an effective service delivery system. When employees regard customers with importance, they will embrace a customer-oriented aspect of service delivery and thus foster the overall goal of customer satisfaction.

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