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200 Pounds Beauty

Hanna is a plump phone sex worker and a clandestine songster for Ammy who is a pop singer. She hides behind Ammys performances and does make a recording of all her compositions. She is humiliated during her birthday by Ammy in front of the music company director; Sang-jun with absolute ignorance of ...

A Reflection of My Life

Without any doubt, in order to understand the gist of our life and our present, we have to trace back to our past, because our experience forms us and helps us to become what we are now. Finding the meaning in the previous triumphs, achievements, and failures, we come to the better consideration of ...

Aboriginal Land Claims and Treaty Rights

Land is one of the most important resources among the human beings as it is considered a very valuable asset. Land is used as a factor of production in many parts of the world. It is also used for other social and religious purposes in different parts of the world. Thus, the issues related to land ...

Club Structure and Soccer Academies

Produce a complete diagram/family tree of a local professional soccer team. A diagram of the football posts shall rely on the game tactic which has been premeditated for a particular period of time. The principal football pitch posts are as given in appendix I. Comprehending the measurements of a ...

Critical Analysis of the Literary Works: “The Welcome Table” By Alice Walker

Why the Literary Work Captured my Interest The story captures my interest given that it unfolds under an ironical perspective. First, there is the irony that involves the church being perceived to be the enemy of comfort and care for the down-trodden in the society. The old woman beats all odds in ...

Cultural Experience

A. Background information      This was a cultural event that was held on the 23rd Friday of March in the Orlando National Theater the year 2010.It is an event that had a great attendance of hundred and eighty persons in the audience as compared to the early anticipated ...

Did the Mexico Area Dodge the Bullet?

The impact of this spill is still felt because of the capping of the well. In the petroleum industry history, this is the biggest oil spill. (Telegraph. 2010) This oil spill is believed to have affected the marine, wildlife, fishing and even tourism industries very much. (Tangley, L. ...

Employee Privacy Report

Companies set up internet utilities and e-mail systems with a view to promoting internal and external corporate exchange of data and regular communication. Basically, the use internet is exclusively intended for purposes of the business, and should not in any case be used for entertainment or ...

Go Back to May, 1937

The evidence that the speak brought out in examining the question why the daughter should stop her parents from marrying each other is substantiated in various aspect. The daughter in her own belief thinks her parents are wrong people for each other. She fears that they are going to do bad things ...

Hinduism Questions

1. Explanation of Brahman In Hinduism, Brahman is a God’s concept. It is the unchanging, transcendent, and infinite reality of all things in the universe. Brahman is a principle rather than a deity. In Hinduism, there are many gods and goddesses representing various aspects of the vast ...

"I Go Back to May, 1937"

“I go back to May, 1937” is a poem published in the year 1987 and written by Sharon. The poem explores the relationship between husband and a wife and later reflects on parents and children. The poem indicates the flashback of the marriage between the parents and the expected challenges ...

Involvement at the Social Level

This paper presents an essay on my personal statement regarding my involvement at the social level. It also contains my plans on the use of the scholarship once awarded. In this section, a discussion of my engagement in social and school activities is given. My involvement in the society and school ...

Life Event

Introduction Katrina was a hurricane in New Orleans that impacted many people. It was the costliest and one of the five deadliest hurricanes to ever strike the United States.  Its effects were long lasting, more than 80% of New Orleans was flooded, and the flooding and the hurricane winds ...


It should be noted that everything we see on television affects our attitude towards the things going on around us and changes our point of view upon the way we should look. It is not difficult to understand that famous actresses shown by Hollywood impose on the public the opinion how beautiful ...

My Narrative

I am going to lay out briefly my entire career in the following passages to let the reader understand my possession of skills and qualifications, as well as my current experience. So let me start with my education. I successfully graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, NY ...


Last semester started out very well in my classes. I felt like I had a good understanding of all the topics, and I was getting good grades on all my assignments and quizzes. One class, in particular, was an English class. When it was the time to take my midterm for this class, I was not worried at ...

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

The life of Frederick Douglass is symbolic to the lives of many slaves as well as former slaves. Douglass’ fight for freedom is indeed worth admiring. He is also very devoted to the abolitionist cause. He fought for equality in United States all his life. Without a doubt, he can be considered ...

People Neglect listening

People often neglect listening regarding it as something that comes naturally to everybody. However, there are different listening styles, purposes, and obstacles for effective listening. Being aware of one’s own listening style helps a person to be a more effective listener and be more ...

Rape Story and Brutal Attack

A family friend is into online social networking websites such as, and even Twitter. Through these websites, she was able to befriend lots of people from different parts of the world and from all walks of like. But there is this particular guy that she used to chat with ...

Role of Lesson Plan

A lesson plan is a key tool to effective teaching and success. It is an organized description of a course of instruction for every lesson so as to guide  the teacher teaching that particular course. A lesson plan is written down by a teacher in order to guide him or her in effectively ...

Teaching of Speaking

Speaking is an art of communication; it is the process of building and sharing meaning using non- verbal symbols in different contexts. Speaking is acquired when a child reaches a certain stage in his her development. A child first learns the mother tongue, which is taught by the mother. Speaking ...

The Effects of Exercise on the Body

The effects of exercise on various body parts and systems are often felt immediately and over time. At the beginning of exercising, one always feels the frequent contraction of muscles, the elevated heartbeat rate, breathing rate and body temperature as asserted by Sheldon (2011). As the body ...

The Family Memoir

Distribution of household work in different families varies from one family to another. After being brought up in a family of four with my sister, everything looked simple. Duties were distributed equally among the three; mum, dad and my elder sister. Mum and the elder sister took the largest ...

The Theme of Freedom

This is a paper that revolves around the life story of a young black woman, Virginia Pryor, whose life experiences revolve around bondage and freedom. She is a slave woman, who is taken by his male master, so as to be warming his bed. Virginia Pryor has gone to Philadelphia with her owner, Jackson ...

Time goes by Very Quickly

Time goes by very quickly. Day by day we forget the events of the past, but their images remain in our hearts. I cannot but say that 9/11 had the same meaning for me as it had more than 10 years ago. Some time passed since it all had happened. However, every time the date is mentioned, I still have ...

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